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FX - LEGION S1 Post-Finale Discussion + Inside Look at Powers + Cast on Social Media

CBR's Re-cap for the finale MAJOR SPOILERS

[Quick Recap *SPOILERS*]- Farouk/Shadow King isn't destroyed, but is transferred from David to Syd, Syd to Kerry, and finally from Kerry to Oliver

- Oliver/Farouk escapes Summerland with Lenny (YES!!)
- The final scene has David scanned then imprisoned by a mechanical orb by forces unknown (Could be Division 3?)

- Season 2 will have Oliver/Farouk still play a part of the story according to Hawley as both Oliver/Farouk and Lenny will be searching for "it" that they referenced last week

Unknown. Unlimited. Get an inside look at the characters' unique powers with the cast and crew.

katieaselton season finale of @legion_fx is TONIGHT! getting to work with these people was an insane treat. hope you guys have enjoyed the ride 🌀

jeremieharris A couple of the friends I made filming Legion. Such a dope experience!!! Season 1 finale tonight at 10PM. Chapter 8!!! Let's see how this ends. Haha #legionfx #marvel #fxnetworks

thatdanstevens 'Newcomer'. (Beast). Legend... @empiremagazine awards. Watch 'I, Daniel Blake'!

(Okay, that last one isn't Legion-related, but who doesn't like a nice family photo?)
Whoops, apologies about the cuts! What did you all think of the finale and the season as a whole? =) [Spoiler (click to open)]And how about that post-credits scene? Theories? Also, apologies to my fellow Expanse ONTDers, I've company coming over tonight after the Legion finale and won't be able to get my post up just yet, I'll try to later tonight if no one else makes one =)

Spoiler-tag for those who need it :

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