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12 of the scariest villainesses of all time


Livia Soprano, The Sopranos

About: Livia Pollio Soprano was born in Providence, Rhode Island to Faustino "Augie" and Teresa Pollio, Italian immigrants from Avellino. Livia's childhood was poverty-stricken and miserable, and she spent her adult life punishing everyone for it. Marriage to the tough and charismatic Johnny Soprano was Livia's ticket out of her parents' house. Married life, however, was not happily ever after; Livia wasn't particularly interested in housework, and thought that children, including her own, were " different from dogs."

Cagey, manipulative, and utterly self-absorbed, Livia Soprano seemingly derives little pleasure from life other than making the people around her miserable, especially her three children: Janice, Tony, and Barbara.

baby jane

Baby Jane Hudson, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

About: In the 1920's, 6-year-old Baby Jane Hudson becomes an enormously successful child star in vaudeville while her older sister, Blanche, is forced to remain quietly in the background. As the two reach maturity, however, Jane loses both her appeal and her talent, and Blanche develops into a beautiful and renowned film actress. Then, at the height of her career, Blanche is crippled in an automobile accident for which the alcoholic Jane is held responsible. As the years pass, the two sisters become virtual recluses in an old mansion, where the slatternly and guilt-ridden Jane cares for the helpless Blanche. When she learns Blanche is planning to sell the house and perhaps place her in a home, Jane plots a diabolical revenge. She serves her sister trays of dead rats and parakeets, tears out her phone, and keeps her a prisoner in her bedroom.

Margaret White

Margaret White, Carrie (1976)

About: Margaret White is a fictional character created by Stephen King in his first published novel, Carrie, where she is the main antagonist. She is the domineering, abusive, insane and fanatically religious mother of Carrie White, and thinks almost everything, especially related to the female body and sex, is sinful.

Nurse Ratched

Nurse Ratched, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

About: Nurse Ratched is a cold, dictatorial nurse who controls a psych ward with an iron fist. From elevator music played loudly throughout the day to rigging group votes, Ratched finds ways to excacerbate the numbness the patients experience in the minds. All the patients follow who rules placidly until R.P. McMurphy joins the ward. Ratched catches on to his game and figures out ways to make his life more difficult.

Alexis Colby

Alexis Colby, Dynasty

About: Former socialite turned businesswoman, married to Blake, Cecil Colby, Dex Dexter and Sean Rowan. She famously holds a torch for Blake, though she later falls deeply in love with Dex. Her children with Blake are Adam, Fallon, Steven and Amanda. Alexis is romantically attached to a number of men, including Carrington architect and estate manager Roger Grimes, tennis pro Mark Jennings, oilman Rashid Ahmed, King Galen of Moldavia and shipping tycoon Zach Powers.

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