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CL and other global icons at the #amfARHongKong Gala

chaelincl+Last night for @amfar in HONGKONG +

ONTD's favorite upcoming pop girl joined Charlize Theron, Jackie Chan, Charli XCX, Mark Ronson, and Naomi Campbell (among others) at last night's amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research) Gala in Hong Kong to honor business woman and philanthropist Pansy Ho, and help raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic.

[+ CL +]
chaelincl+Thank You @iamnaomicampbell unnie for an amazing introduction and dancing hard to hello bitches😘+

chaelincl+my favorite thing to do on earth +

[+ Charlize Theron +]
Charlize Theron

amfarHonorary Chair @charlizeafrica has arrived! Did you know we honored Charlize last year for her tireless work in the fight against AIDS? You can join Charlize in the fight for a cure by donating via the link in our bio. And be sure to check out Charlize’s own organization @ctaop here on Instagram.

[+ Charli XCX +]
Charli XCX

amfarDedicated amfAR supporter @charli_xcx has arrived! Can’t wait for her to take the stage this evening to help raise HIV awareness.

[+ Mark Ronson +]
Mark Ronson

amfarAfter the party is the after party, and friend of amfAR @iammarkronson will be getting our guests on the dance floor as DJ. Please consider joining Mark Ronson in supporting the fight against AIDS by donating via the link in our bio.

[+ Pansy Ho + Jackie Chan +]
Pansy Ho with Jackie Chan

amfarHarry Winston Diamond Red Carpet Moment: tonight’s amfAR Award of Courage honoree Pansy Ho looking radiant in @HarryWinston tonight, has arrived with guest Jackie Chan.

[+ Naomi Campbell +]
Naomi Campbell

amfarA big thank you to @iamnaomicampbell and all of our immensely supportive Event Chairs and guests this evening at #amfARHongKong Gala. Want to get involved? Donate via the link in our bio.

[+ bonus +]

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ONTD, do you love "Hello Bitches" as much as Naomi Campbell?
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