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5 Female Canadian Solo Artists You Might Not Know (But Should!)

1. Lydia Ainsworth

Ainsworth is releasing her new album March 31st. You can pre-order it on iTunes.

2. A l l i e

A l l i e is an emerging singer from Toronto. Her EP "Moonlust" was released in late 2015 and is on iTunes right now (and it's great!). More recently, she's featured on tracks by Harrison and Birthday Boy which you can listen to below:

You can follow a l l i e on Soundcloud

3. Lisa LeBlanc
LeBlanc released her latest album, "Why You Wana Leave, Runaway Queen?" in September of last year. She's currently on tour across Canada. You can find show dates on her website.

4. Ralph
Ralph's debut EP was just released on iTunes at the beginning of March. She's delivering the summer bops you've all been looking for.

5. Tasha The Amazon
Tasha the Amazon is a Toronto rapper. Her album came out late last year and is available on iTunes.

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