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Celebrities React to Missing Black and Latina Girls in D.C.

It is deeply disturbing that the disappearance of dozens of young girls is "business as usual" in our nation's capital, my childhood home. The response that these numbers aren't any higher than normal should only make us more horrified. Kids of color have been unrecognized and uncared for by law enforcement, the education system (as a whole, not the heroic teachers working hard every day for far too little pay), and government in general, for far too long. It's a deeply rooted issue, ingrained in our sadly flawed social fabric, but it is within our power to CHANGE IT. It starts with us demanding justice, demanding equal media coverage, and voting with vulnerable kids in mind, instead of dollar signs and fear. #findourgirls

We must make some noise !! Why are we just hearing about this . Why is this not the number one topic in America right now? Let's tweet . Facebook , Instagram , call our local news media outlets let's make some noise people! This has got to stop!❤❤This particular girl was found . There are conflicting stories but all of these girls are not runaways!!! Dont fall for that ! It is a well known fact that a missing person of color Black , Latin or other. does not get the media coverage eqaul to a missing white person. We must not buy soo eaily the stories that these children are all runaways . We must keep reading , researching and educating ourselves on what happened to these precious children . Most of them have not been found. ❤

🗣🗣🗣🗣#Repost @fabulouslyfaithful_
#missing #amberalert #missingblackgirls #dc #reportourownnews

These are missing CHILDREN. See these faces, see them as your own. You would want the world to care enough to bring these CHILDREN back to their families. Please help! Please post this. Demand equal coverage of ALL missing children from the media. Each of our children is loved and cherished and EACH child deserves all of our collective effort to bring them home.

F I N D • O U R • G I R L S |•
#FindOURGirls 🙏🏾🗣 To report any information on the missing teens, call the Washington, D.C., Police Dept at (202) 727-9099. #missingdcgirls

🚨🚨🚨Yesterday, FOURTEEN young black and Latinx girls woke up hopeful, ready to face the world and its ways yet again in DC. Today, each one of them is missing. Unlike Brady's jersey, THIS is a national emergency. #MissingDCGirls -> #FindOurGirls

backtoblack First and foremost support organizations that support youth of color, especially LGBTQ youth of color, and those who have housing and health programs for homeless youth. Especially since proposed federal budget cuts are going to slash funding for these programs significantly:
Sasha Bruce
Casa Ruby
Latin American Youth Center
La Clinica Del Pueblo
Us Helping Us
Whitman-Walker Youth Services

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