Gwen on fur, Fergie, feminism, family, Courtney Love and more...


Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Well, I'd have to get a definition of it, first. I mean, I'm pro-woman, and I feel like I'm in an exceptionally lucky position being in an all-guy group and being able to do music. And clearly, I work with alot of women -- my video directors, my stylists, my management. Working with L.A.M.B. and all the people around me, I definitely have been able to see the power of my position. So I guess I don't want to say I am a feminist because nobody will ever define it for me.

I read somewhere that Courtney Love was talking about how you were such a good girl and you have a good-girl image. Is that true? Do you have a bad girl side?

No, I've always been pretty much a goody two shoes. I never saw the point of trying to be bad. I want to be a good person. I just like being creative and making things. I don't wanna be a drug addict. I don't wanna miss part of my life because I did that.

What do you think about the critics calling your new record "pop fluff?"

They're exactly right. It's called The Sweet Escape. That was the idea. I didn't want this process to be painful. I made [the album] right after I had the baby, and some of it I did when I went down to work with Pharrell, which was like a year ago. When I was doing those songs, there was really no direction; there wasn't anything so deep, it was just the idea of dance music. Although I did end up writing "Orange County Girl" because I was thinking, "Flying first class into Miami to work with one of the greatest producers of modern times -- how the fuck did I get here?" Like how did this happen to me? How can I be so lucky?

What was growing up like for you?

I had a rad, super, really cool family. My parents met in high school. They fell in love. All they ever wanted was to have four children. And they had four children: two boys, two girls. Catholic. Everything was about us -- every project, every weekend, every holiday. So I was really blessed. Also, my parents were really creative; my mom sewed, my dad did music.

This might be shit-talkin' but I read on a blog somewhere that someone said that Fergie is totally biting your style. Agree? Disagree?

You know, I took Black Eyed Peas on my last tour, and she's a really nice girl, and if she bit anything off of me, it would be a compliment.


GWEN STEFANI was so thrilled when JULIE ANDREWS gave her her blessing to recreate her singing nun from THE SOUND OF MUSIC in her new video, she stunned the actress with a floral gift. The singer was inspired by Andrews' MARIA in the movie musical when she conjured up her yodelling sound and wimple look for new single WIND IT UP - and felt she should make sure the actress was OK with her homage. Andrews says, "She actually called and asked if I would mind if she used it." And the actress is more than impressed with Stefani's yodelling on the track: "She does a lot of good yodelling. She's great... She yodels better than I do. It's a wonderful video too." And when Andrews appeared on ELLEN DeGENERES' US talk show earlier this week (beg22JAN07), Stefani filled her dressing room with flowers.


Pop star GWEN STEFANI has affirmed her anti-fur beliefs after being wrongly branded a fan of animal pelts on a pro-fur industry website. Animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) received a flood of calls and emails from distressed supporters who'd seen the website, prompting the charity's MICHELLE CHO to write to Stefani saying, "We know you to be a compassionate person and we wanted to alert you right away." A representative replied, "Gwen asked me to tell you she doesn't wear fur." 

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