Cordelia Foxx (vehiclesshockme) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Cordelia Foxx

Amy Schumer drops out of Barbie film

It's official. Amy Schumer will no longer be playing Barbie. Earlier this evening Schumer issued the following statement to Variety confirming her departure from the film.

“Sadly, I’m no longer able to commit to Barbie due to scheduling conflicts,” she said. “The film has so much promise, and Sony and Mattel have been great partners. I’m bummed, but look forward to seeing Barbie on the big screen.”

The film, which is about the main character getting kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough and ending up in the real world, is still moving forward without Schumer. A spokesperson for Sony said that they respect Schumer's decision and that new casting information will be coming soon.

Reportedly Schumer had polished up the script as well. There's no word yet if they are going to keep any of her changes.

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Toy Story 3 Barbie remains the best version of Barbie.
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