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Lea Michele on her latest single, 'Love is Alive'

Quick summary: "I think that this song is so important to me because I really feel like it encapsulates the entire vibe of what this record is; it's a vocal album."

"There's no beginning, middle, an end; it's just, like, a whole, long, beautiful vocal journey."

The lyrics: "It's such a beautiful, powerful theme. But at the end of the day, even if there were no words to this song, and you just... you just heard it, you would be equally as moved."

The meaning: "I really do see the beauty and joy and love in life again, and I'm the most grateful for that than I am anything in my life to feel the way that I do, and to believe in love again, and to have love in my life. And so that's what this song means to me."

Love is Alive is Lea's first single from her album, Places (named after the "places, everyone!" call in Broadway). It's described by Mike Wass as "absolutely not in touch with what is hot in the charts at the moment, but that seems to be the exact point." You can watch the music video here.

I love when she drops the valley girl Instagram Lea for a sec tbh
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