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Syfy - THE EXPANSE 2x10 Promo "Cascade" + Extras

[synopsis]Holden leads his crew through the war-torn station on Ganymede.

Shohreh left Iran shortly after the 1979 revolution to pursue a career as an actress. She shared her story with Here & Now. Here are some excerpts :

[On the diversity of the Expanse cast]- "In terms of diversity, this is one of the most diversified shows of all. We enjoy this so much. We are of different backgrounds, nationalities, color of skin, accents. We're living peacefully, working peacefully, lovingly, next to one another. You see, this what's been happening in our society for at least a couple of decades. My neighbors here are from Nigeria to the left, Canada to the right, France right in front of me. We've been living, breathing the same air, for the last 20 years. We don't see a lot of reflection of it on the silver screen. The reason is because of the fact that executive producers, studios cannot trust in us enough to put it on the silver screen. Those who are doing it are now seeing how beneficial it is to our society, to understand that this is not the future, it's now. We're living next to each other and we're working with each other. We're all working for the benefit of the world."

[On political considerations in the kinds of acting roles she has taken]- "The day I left Iran, right at the time of the turmoil [the last days of the fall of the shah during the 1979 revolution], I turned myself into an actress with a mission. I always wanted to be a part of a meaningful, substantial storytelling that would be enlightening, educational and helpful to the people."

- "It was in those days that I decided that it was no place for an outspoken actress like myself under an Islamic republic in Iran. Therefore, I jumped into my car, Feb. 29, 1979, 4 a.m., and left Iran, driving to the U.K. I did drive to the U.K., yes. From Tehran to Istanbul, Yugoslavia, and then I went to Venice. From Venice to south of France, south of France, Paris, Calais, to London. I sold my car, I sold my jewelries and I started studying politics, one thing that I had no knowledge of, and I wanted to get myself educated."

[In regards to The Expanse]- "Although it takes place a couple of hundred years from now, it speaks about today, in a metaphorical way or in a symbolical way. You know, with science fictions and animations, we can be free in what we're talking about without being worried about offending people. We can talk about stories that we are dealing with now. If we're not careful today, if we're not worried about losing water on this beautiful Earth, then we're gonna lose it."

Nick Farmer is the linguist in charge of creating the Belter language for the show =) Definitely recommend a follow as he teaches and shares a lot of lore and information on all things Lang Belta.

Dominique posting the OTP ♥
[Spoiler (click to open)]Bobbie and Avasarala meet, Prax joins the crew, Alex's lasagna makes another appearance, and Season 3 is greenlit. All's right with the world =) Thoughts on tonight's episode?

[Spoiler (click to open)]Thank you ivy_b for gif'ing this iconic moment ♥

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