Aimee Mann Subscribes to the Goose Newsletter, Makes Video Starring Cat

The video stars a cat named Goose and her owner Puloma Basu. (Puloma also co-directed with her husband Rob Hatch-Miller.) Goose joins the likes of Laura Linney and Jon Hamm who have starred in previous Aimee Mann videos. Aimee Mann wrote the song when she was homesick and saw a picture of Goose wearing a kitty cone of shame on Instagram.

Click below for some pictures of Goose and also Aimee's comments on the song and video.

I would like to subscribe to your newsletterCollapse )

PS this is a cat post. Also don't worry, Goose was fine when she had the cone on. It was after she got spayed. That didn't stop me from crying when I watched the video tho. If you're wondering what's up with the q-tips, it's her fave toy.

If you want to follow Goose's adventures, check out the #goosenewsletter tag on instagram.

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