Aimee Mann Subscribes to the Goose Newsletter, Makes Video Starring Cat

The video stars a cat named Goose and her owner Puloma Basu. (Puloma also co-directed with her husband Rob Hatch-Miller.) Goose joins the likes of Laura Linney and Jon Hamm who have starred in previous Aimee Mann videos. Aimee Mann wrote the song when she was homesick and saw a picture of Goose wearing a kitty cone of shame on Instagram.

Click below for some pictures of Goose and also Aimee's comments on the song and video.

“I wrote “Goose Snow Cone” when I was on tour in Ireland, on a cold and snowy day. I was feeling very homesick when I saw a picture on Instagram of a cat I know named Goose. Her fluffy white face was looking up at the camera in a very plaintive way, like a little snowball, and I started singing a little song about her that turned into a song about loneliness. I intended to change the lyrics but could never find a phrase to replace the one I started with. When it came time to make a video, I knew the original Goose had to be in it. Her owners are my friends Rob and Puloma who coincidentally produce and direct videos. One of my cats had recently gone through a long illness and I was thinking about that when I came up with the idea for the video, and I knew Puloma had to star in it, as she has a very lovely and expressive face. The vet in the video is my actual vet and he’s a great guy. It was not easy wrangling Goose but the magic of editing makes it all work!” - Aimee Mann

PS this is a cat post. Also don't worry, Goose was fine when she had the cone on. It was after she got spayed. That didn't stop me from crying when I watched the video tho. If you're wondering what's up with the q-tips, it's her fave toy.

If you want to follow Goose's adventures, check out the #goosenewsletter tag on instagram.

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