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Tinashe interview for Pepsi's 'The Sound Drop' project + short acoustic version of "Flame".

The Sound Drop is a new music platform, in partnership with iHeartMedia, Shazam and MTV, that will provide emerging artists with a powerful stage to promote their story, share their art and connect directly with their fans.

*Tinashe speaking*: Creating music makes me feel more fulfilled than anything else. Being able to feel that energy from people and knowing that something you made out of nothing is able to inspire someone or bring people together.

Interviewer: Tinashe is a performer who's pushing boundaries and defying genres. She grew up in los angeles where she learned to sing, dance, write and produce her own music. Continuing on the success of her hit single "2 On", Tinashe is bringing all her talent to the table. I sat down with her to talk about the inspirations behind her music.

Interviewer: Did you grew up listening to a lot of different kinds of music?
Tinashe: Yeah, I grew up in a very eclectic household. I mean, my dad is from Zimbwabwe and my mom is irish-norwegian. Zimbabwean culture is very musical, we even pray with songs.

I: Can I hear something?
T: Yeah, we have a song that we sing when we're saying grace. We sing *sings from 1:08 to 1:15 in the video*. So it was like a little prayer.
But it's funny how it always comes back to music. When I was really young, there was always family singing with one another in the house, harmonizing. Music has always been a part of my life
I've been really inspired by artists who really encompass everything about entertainment, from the stage performance to the dancing element.
I started dancing when I was four years old. I think the performance element has been underrated recently and it's been really important for me to bring that back.

I: I'm a child of hip hop, you know, we come from a performance background. It is why I like you, the dance and your performances. What makes you unique too is you're a singer, you're a songwriter and you're a producer.
T: Yeah, I have a studio in my bedroom so I record a lot of my music there. I'm more able to connect with my own instincts, it's where I feel the most inspired.

I: So what influences your music?
T: I'm definitely influenced by a variety of genres. Pop, hip hop, r&b, electronic... I don't ever want to just be the same all the time and for me I think that's part of why I involved so many differents genres of music and different types of influences.

I: Creating the song Flame, what did you have in mind?
T: Growing up, my parents played a ton of 90's R&B in the house so that was a huge foundation for my musical core so for this song I really wanted to take that approach to it.
*sings Flame acoustic version from 2:44 to 3:20*

I: A lot of music you put out, your fans like to take that music and reinterpret it their own way. What does it feel like?
T: I think that's one of the most amazing things about being an artist, seeing how your music influences other people. When you see covers or you see people dancing to your songs, and you see that they're inspired by what you're doing, I think that just reaffirms as an artist that you know you're doing the right things, that you're creating stuff that is also inspiring other people to create.
Everything that I've been working towards, everything that I always just love to do is now part of what I do everyday. My music is coming from me, I am unafraid to break the rules and I like that unexpectedness I like that adventure I like not really knowing what's gonna happen next.

Here's Leroy Sanchez, the youtuber featured in the video, and his cover to Tinashe's "Flame"

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