Naya Rivera regrets dyeing her hair a month after giving birth

She expected “to grow the best mane of hair” from the pregnancy.
“That did not happen at all. After breastfeeding, what I was left with was breakage in certain areas from the drop in hormones. It was definitely thin on the ends and certain places like my widow’s peak would be a little more up in my face.”

“I did probably the worst thing you could do in that situation, which is then go dye it. I made the problem worse and paid the price for that. I’d tell new moms, ‘Don’t dye it yet!’ Don’t buy into the whole mommy makeover thing, because you will regret it.”

“I was trying everything from carrot seed oil on a hairbrush to full-blown coconut oil treatments every single day. I even went back on my prenatals [vitamins] long after I had stopped breastfeeding to try to get back whatever juices were flowing out of my body,”

“I started to see results and experimenting with a bunch of their other products (haircare brand Nioxin). I just feel like it’s healthy again. I stopped dyeing it and cutting it and experimenting with all these different things. I sort of went back to my roots if you will, and I am happier that way.”


hair post ! Have you ever dealt with hair thinning problems ?