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Anne Dudek Cast on The Flash + More Paley Fest Scoop

-will play a recurring character named Tracy Brand
-described as "a smorgasbord of quirky idiosyncrasies"
-wants to find out the genius she's set to become one day

-legends of tomorrow is adding an existing dc character that is 1) not from the comics, 2) not currently on any of the arrowverse shows
-the flash season 4 probably won't be using as much time travel
-the end of the musical episode hints where Westallen are heading
-star city not in jeopardy come may
-the legends will get to see an alternate reality - "time-bending"
-how felicity comes out the other side after going all in with helix

-fans of Lois & Clark will be thrilled by some of the scenes in tonight's episode of supergirl
-adrian/prometheus tortures oliver over a secret he wants him to confess
-flashbacks in russia include a pivotal moment in oliver's time away
-the legends break a cardinal rule of time travel in the season finale "not going back to times you've already been" w/ major consequences
-savitar will be unmasked soon - ramifications of reveal take the show in a "surprised" direction
-barry will still do "whatever it takes" to save iris & tries to go back to his old optimistic mindset
-lance sisters reunite for one scene in legends season finale
-marc calls it a scene he's wanted to do all season
-can't say if katie cassidy will pop up again on another show this year
-rough time ahead for diggle & lyla (flashpoint may have affected their relationship?)
-felicity's helix storyline will connect with bigger prometheus storyline in an "unexpected" way
-episode 19 of arrow is "team arrow vs team felicity/helix" with the same objective but different ways of getting there
-lynda carter returns to supergirl
-president marsdin asks hank for a favor and he goes against her wishes

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