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Lea Michele and Ellen Spoon in Bed + "I'm fine with being naked"

Ellen surprises Lea with a bed at 2:27

The Queen of Loving Herself explains something called the 'Bed Series' on her Instagram (photos taken of her by her hair dresser): "Mario Testino has the Towel Series, so he has celebrities take pictures in towels, and so I did my sort of lamer version, 'the Bed Series', of [photos of me] traveling all of the time and being in different beds. And it started sort of simple, and then it... became more and more naked."

On naming her latest album, Places: "My best friend, Johnathan, helped me with the name. You know, when you're on Broadway, you get a 30 minute call, a 15 minute call, then you get your places call (ie: "Places, everyone!"). This album for me was kind of coming back to my roots."

On her last album, Louder, and what's different this time: "I loved my first record, but it was, obviously, during a very busy and intense time in my life. And this time, now, I'm in a different place in my life, and I'm also not on a show where I'm singing all the time as well, so I can just really focus on this album. I'm gonna be touring - which I couldn't do before either. So it's really exciting!"

On songs about love & breakups: "You don't want to give anyone or any story in particular more attention than it already deserves. But, for me, my music is my time to be honest, so... be careful dating a singer or you might get Taylor Swifted."

When Ellen tries to find out who the breakup songs are about: "Doesn't matter if you guys can figure it out, as long as the person listening to it knows who it is and what they did!"

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i love ha - she's v positive and qt

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