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The Flash Roundup - Cast on Social Media, Promos, Posters and Images, Savitar News & More...

The Flash 3x17 Duet Extended Promo & Sneak Peak

The Flash 3x17 Duet Posters & Preview Images

 photo forontd 3x17_zps6mslggfx.jpg

 photo FLA317b_0107b_zpskvzrszjc.jpg
 photo FLA317c_0080b_zpsuwntbkwk.jpg
 photo FLA317c_0297b_zpszthng1ce.jpg
 photo FLA317c_0369b_zpsaethj9y4.jpg
 photo FLA317c_0534b_zpscm0bph6v.jpg
 photo FLA317c_0464b_zpsprzinc7p.jpg

 photo super-flash-musical-poster-238586_FULL_zpsighrv6a3.jpg
 photo 17358684_1333244236767876_7853305265257308580_o_zpsalewwonu.jpg

Joe West & Martin Stein To Play Gay Couple in Crossover!

Not only will The Flash and Supergirl crossover afford Broadway legends (and long-time good friends) Jesse L. Martin and Victor Garber the chance to sing together... they will be playing a mob boss and his partner!

No, not business partners. No, not badminton partners. PARTNERS PARTNERS.
Together they will play the fathers of flawless queen Candice Patton’s character ‘Millie Floss’.

 photo FLA317c_0297b_zps2jwl7krv.jpg

Grant Says Fans Are Clueless about Savitar's True Identity...

Everyone’s fave glitterslugs had some things to say about Savitar, this season’s Big Bad who we now know was likely once a member of the team with the way he keeps going on about it every time Draco is hooked up to the STAR Labs Pensieve.

Whether you think Savitar is Future Barry (like this good & noble OP) or Future Cisco, or even HR as some fans think, Grant Gustin ‘threw a wrench’ into matters.
During a recent set visit, Grant and Danielle were asked about Savitar’s secret identity, and had the following to say...

Danielle: "Slowly, different characters are going to learn who Savitar is, but I don’t know if the audience is going to be told anytime soon."
Grant: "It’s not the same as past reveals, with Zoom and Reverse-Flash, the audience was starting to realize things before we all started to piece it together. But I don’t know how you would know this year. And when you do find out, it’s like, ‘Oh. My. God!’ There are really no secrets or hints leading up to to it."

According to Grant, the reveal will be an entirely unexpected twist, implying that all the massive clues we keep being given are red herrings. broke it down for us:

-HR: too obvious as it’d be a case of “Wells again?”
-Wally: unlikely, but he has been having inner struggles and it would be ‘mildly shocking’.
-Future Barry: the most popular fan theory, and the one with most clues pointing towards it seemed the best guess until Grant’s comments.
-Joe: the ‘craziest surprise’, and why would he kill his own daughter?
-Iris: Savitar has said more than once that Iris must die so that he can live (there can be only one) – and this would be the ‘biggest shock in the show’s history’ according to…

However, it is also worth noting that although Grant says there are no clues at the moment, he might just be seriously underestimating how adept fans are at figuring out secret identities.

DC All Access Visits The Set of the Crossover...

-Crossover Set Visit begins at about 1:58
-Carlos is looking unfairly attractive as per
-Music Meister is trying to "teach [the couples] a lesson"...
-JLM and Victor Garber have been friends for 20-something years and hoping to work together for a long time

This Past Two Weeks On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'...

The cast have been looking unnervingly attractive this past few weeks! Out and about at events and having fun together, photoshoots, and on set shenanigans... we have it all.

So come on in and see Candice💖 (and colleagues) looking great.

cavanaghtom "Directing Grant Gustin"
Part 1.

cavanaghtom "Directing Grant Gustin" Part 2.

grantgust If Golden Globe nominated Tom Cavanagh wants your coffee, you give him your coffee. Cameos by @kimiles, @greydamon, Burton and Roger. This episode was fun to make.(Ep. 319)

bettydubney Subtle like a sledgehammer over here.

t22felton Been expecting you Mr Bond

kategray_ "You can cue me any time. I'll be here. Patiently waiting." @flashbehindtheseams #theflash @cavanaghtom

dpanabaker Behind the scenes photo from last night's episode featuring @cavanaghtom who brings so much joy to our set AND is directing this week's episode of @cwtheflash ! And he's doing a tremendous job #theflash

grantgust Remember when Flash phased an entire train of people through imminent danger? Well, here I am, straight chillin on that train. 📷: JLM

t22felton Get to work Albert @cwtheflash

juanbavera How many speedsters does it take to drive a car? #whoknows #idontthinkanyonehastheirlicense #otherthanjoe #superblurry #becausetheyremovingsofast #candidshot #whosreadyfor #FlashDay #cwtheflash

bettydubney It's 3 AM.

flashbehindtheseams SPFX, Wardrobe and Sound working as a team to rig @rickcosnett for his on camera bleed. LOVED having him home with us! 3x16
#spfx #theflash #cwtheflash #behindtheseams #behindthescenes #costumes #setlife #eddiethawne

violettbeane Awesome shot by @juanbavera from the big battle scene in tonight's episode of @cwtheflash 🚨⚡️

grantgust #NeuroticNora

dpanabaker #tbt to taking a photo in my trailer during the pilot of @cwtheflash. Can't believe it, but it's been 3 years since we started this journey. Crazy. #theflash

grantgust Next week on The Flash people sing and dance. No, seriously. And here's some cool art of Barry being manipulated like a marionette. It's a safe bet to assume that this is a metaphor for something that happens in the episode.

violettbeane 💫 froyo story time 💫

rickcosnett 🍡🎈@violettbeane @candicekp #theflashseason3

candicekp Mercedes Icon Mann Oscars viewing party last night. 💫 What a great show!

candicekp In good company 🎩

candicekp Charlie and his Angels #PaleyFest

caitylotz 😄

candicekp When you trying to remember if you left the curling iron on 🤔

cavanaghtom Thumbs up for the film "Under the Net"

As a youth in Africa living in a family touched by malaria I became aware at an early age how the mortality rate plummets through the usage of such a simple thing: a mosquito net.
Every villain has a weakness; the killer malaria bows to the net.

dpanabaker 🏃🏻‍♀️great time this morning @michaeljfoxorg @teamfoxla 5k for Parkinson's - the event raised over $100,000! Thanks to my awesome agent @jakedawg79 for all his hard work organizing! Go @unitedtalentagency @utafoundation #foxtrot5k

dpanabaker So proud of my agents @unitedtalentagency @utafoundation who are holding a rally today & donating to @aclu_nationwide ! Together we will rally for artistic freedom and ALL freedoms. To support the cause and add your voice visit: #UnitedVoices

candicekp Lean wit it. Rock wit it. #tbt (For u zxkween)

keiynanlonsdale🖤🌴 •

keiynanlonsdale Dance with me

keiynanlonsdale ❄️🥀

keiynanlonsdale Magic city @stormshoots @caitlineucker

violettbeane Day at the Beach: Expectation vs. Reality (for real tho these sunglasses suck and they do this EV 👏🏼 ERY 👏🏼 TIME 👏🏼)

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How have you all been, ONTD FlashFam? Are YOU the unexpected identity of Savitar? Fess up.

 photo squadgoals4_zpsbbecuyr8.gif
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