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AMC - INTO THE BADLANDS S2 Returns tonight + Sneak Peeks & Meeting the New Barons

Here are two of the 6 things to know about his character :
- He will bring his trademark comic relief to the world of Into the Badlands
- But, he's also quite capable of holding his own in a fight : “I essentially spent weeks and weeks and weeks fighting. I think there’s like four or five really big set-piece fights, which took days and days and days to film. One fight took 10 days to shoot,” Frost says. “Right at the beginning of the process, I spoke with Daniel and the fight director and Hong Kong choreographer [because] I was kind of keen that the stuff Baije could do was the stuff that I could do essentially. I didn’t want to see Baije suddenly using wire work or doing a series of flying, spinning heel kicks. That would put people out of the story.” “...Baije is a wrestler, a barroom brawler. He’s spiteful and underhanded, so he’s that kind of fighter.”

Last season, we learned the Badlands are divided and ruled by seven men and women, each granted with the title of Baron. We've met Barons Quinn, Minerva/The Widow, and Jacobee. This season, we'll finally meet the others.

Will put the others under a spoiler-cut to save on loading =)

[Broadmore : Baron of Weapons]

[Chau : Baron of Cogs]

[Hassan : Baron of Textiles]

[Rojas : Baron of Agriculture]

So happy this is back =) I really enjoy the action choreography, world-building, and characters of this series. The premiere airs tonight on AMC @ 10/9c

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