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The Expanse 2X09 pics and roundup

2X09 synopsis from the link in the tweet: [Spoiler (click to open)]"Bobbie becomes a political pawn in the struggle between Earth and Mars."

Inside The Expanse 2X08.

Highlights from the video:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
* The Roci crew in real life rehearse together in their off time and work hours to get their relationship together right.

* They talk about the scene that causes Amos to be lost, it didn't make sense to the actors and didn't seem like enough to make him spiral, so they all got together and bounced ideas off each other. Wes came up with the idea of the kid lashing out at Amos for shoving his mom, making him the bad guy in the situation. It wasn't in the script initially.

* The situation awoken an emotion in Amos he hasn't felt for years and was unable to process it. He goes on a bender, tries to deal with it, Alex is clueless about what Amos is going through and provokes him to the point that Amos snaps. He's suddenly exposed to Amos' darkness and dangerous, and for the first time realizes Amos is very damaged. Lots of compliments for Wes for playing such a complex character in such a subtle way, which gives power to his scene partners as well.

More behind a cut.

Some twitter roundup:

Looks like we can expect some Amos backstory.

Everyone, including former guest stars, are happy about the S3 renewal.

Everybody loves Terry Chen as Prax, he's getting a lot of love on Twitter.

The gist of the article:
[Spoiler (click to open)]"Unlike the majority of the rough and tough characters in The Expanse, Prax Meng doesn’t fit into a ready-made action character cliché... Instead, he’s a dad and botanist. Played by Terry Chen, Prax’s is a realistic, relatable everyman and a breath of fresh air in a space opera full of giant egos.

Unlike so many characters in big TV dramas, Prax is exactly what he appears to be. He doesn’t have a hidden agenda, he’s just a space botanist who really just wants to find his missing daughter... If the show was in need of a conscience, it has found one with Prax."

Syfy Wire's Cher Martinetti and Adam Swiderski join producers/universe creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham and discuss 2X08 (featuring special guest star Cara Gee, who plays Drummer)

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* The moment with the refugee woman and the kid really had an impact on Amos, then he disappears for a while, shows up disheveled, with a busted lip and it was Wes' idea for Amos to have a different jacket, like he took it off someone in a fight. Ty and Daniel say Wes does not stop crushing the role, what he's doing is amazing. They discuss Naomi lying to Holden about the proto-molecule sample and keeping her backstory hidden- anger is usually a fear reaction- she got angry at Holden keeping secrets, but it's not about him, it's about her and what she's hiding and being worried it'll be revealed. We always hate in other people the thing we're most ashamed about ourselves. From the minute you meet Prax he has soulful, sweet eyes and you're genuinely concerned about what will happen to him. Terry Chen was a huge win, he's a fantastic actor who normally plays tough guys, but from the first day on set he was crushing it, he has ton of range. He's genuinely sweet, thoughtful, deep lovely guy and has all the tattoos, so he had to be covered in a lot of makeup for the show.

* The spacing scene was intense and terrible, but at least the science is pretty accurate. You die in about 15-20 seconds from suffocation, it takes a long long time to freeze in space- you're in a vacuum, there's nothing to suck the heat out. Regarding Diogo's uncle in the first season who was exposed to space: You want to breathe out, so the air has some place to go that isn't the wall of your lungs, you want to keep your air passage and mouth open, so the air rushing out has a clear path. NASA did a series of experiments where they put people in pressure suits with sensors and put them in artificial vacuum to test the space suit. In one of the experiments the person's space suit failed and they were instantly in a vacuum, they were able to re-pressurize the room so he didn't suffer long term damage, but learned a lot about what happens to us in vacuum from that experiment.

* Drummer shows up in the later books, they brought her forward because they needed a second character in the Tycho world to do things Fred couldn't and give a second voice there. They have a lot of characters in the books, but couldn't have them all in the show or no one would get screen time, so they combine characters or one character can fill in for another character. Cara read a bit of Sam Rosenberg bits in the book- mostly her friendship with Naomi, read a bit of Drummer stuff from later books and the woman that was with Dawes when he flipped Fred in 'The Butcher of Anderson Station'. She was a huge fan of the show before she auditioned. She listened to Jared Harris' accent on repeat and went into the audition with her take on the accent and she worked with the dialect coach- they go over the text before shooting every episode. It's a cool thing making up an accent for a role. She was such a fan of the show that she asked to walk around on set before her first day of shooting so she wouldn't nerd out in front of everyone on her first day.

* Cara sees the merit of Dawes' approach- Drummer understands both his and Fred's perspectives and it comes down to strategy, the way forward to win the most power for the Belt/OPA in a sustainable way. She believes in peace, she's not Black Sky and violent, she's looking at the big picture and how to end the oppression. She takes a bullet because the Black Sky guys have a very weak strategy. Getting shot was the scariest thing Cara did on set- it was the first time she was 'shot' in a show, she had a firecracker under her costume while everyone else had protective goggles, She had to do the whole thing like there isn't a firecracker about to explode on her chest. It was intense and they did it in one take. Her executing the two OPA guys was one of the last scenes they shot that day at 1am, so they had to do it really quickly, it was pure adrenaline, it was very satisfying. She got to do a lot of shooting on 'Strange Empire', it's fun and strangely empowering, maybe it's why she gets these parts. Launching the Nauvoo was her favorite scene, to be able to stand in the control room on Tycho and watch the launch sequence (they had it prepared for them in advance to see and hear it on a large screen).

* She loved 'Arrival' and what they have to say about languages. They talk about languages and how in many First Nations languages there aren't the pronouns he/she/it but animate/alive or inanimate pronouns and it says so much about how they see the world (Cara is Ojibwe). She doesn't speak Ojibwe, unfortunately, beyond a few words, due to the genocide and the language being stomped out and it didn't get passed down. . The water storyline on Ceres in S1 mirrors to Cara real life and how Indigenous don't have clean water. They talk about the diversity of the show. There was an audition Cara did and got close but didn't get the role because 'they already had a half Asian on the show', there's no quota for white characters- they're considered 'normal', but it feels like you can only have one of each (minorities) and they stand in for all. All the women on the Expanse are diverse, all of them are strong and in different ways. Naomi isn't just there to be 'sex and act of listening', a lot of the episodes we're seeing are written by women, so Daniel and Ty can't take all the credit for that on the show.

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SyFy getting lazy after the renewal and didn't post the sneak peek on Youtube. Yanks can see the scene on their website.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

When will your faves?
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