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Tinashe being cute in interview for Billboard + to release a new song for a Pepsi campaign!

She talks about her new single, the "Company" video, writing for Fifth Harmony, teaches the Slumber Party choreography and more!

Some questions she answered:

- So tell me about this song "Flame". It worked with the producer Sir Nolan?
Yeah, he did Jealous by Nick Jonas. He's done a lot of really great stuff.

- You did this song a little while ago, so what made you decide for this to be a single now?
It just felt right. Summer is coming and I just wanted to put out something that felt super anthemic and people could relate to it. Also, I think a lot of times in the past my music has been more lighthearted and I wanted to put out something that was a little bit more "emotional".

- A lot of fans had said that this is a little more pop than they're used to. How would you describe that?
I'd say it's been a evolution because I started making my own music in my bedroom, so when I was making that music and then when I grew to start working with other people, collaborating with other people, just growing as an artist, I already at this point when I was making my mixtapes, albums, projects, that was like 5 years ago, so I think I've changed a lot, I've grown a lot, I evolved, just as a person, as an artist, as a young woman in society.

- A lot of people don't know that you wrote "That's My Girl" for Fifth Harmony. How did that come together?
I was working with Stargate and I was writing a lot of pop songs and I ended up making so much music and you can't put everything out, and a lot of it goes into this blackhole which is really sad, but some of it gets heard by someone and they're like "wait, we wanna cut it!" and it's what happened with Fifth Harmony. They heard they song, they were really into them and I was like "I mean... it sounds good with them singing, let's give it a shot!". It's perfect for them.

- So, Joyride is the album. What can you tell us about it?
Well, definitely, it is the more energetic, pop, upbeat side of me. Nightride was the moody, R&B, like "let's drink some wine and light some candles" side of me. I'm excited to share the Joyride side of things. I think people in the past maybe think that I belong in this "box" but I've never seen myself fitting into that necessarily. I always felt "boxless", you know? (laughs) Just very versatile.

- I feel like that is a benefit as a songwriter because you can put yourself in different positions.
And a performer, also! Because you can have intimate moments, you can have "turn up with the crowd" moments, you can do full out choreography, but then you can still strip it down to a ballad. I like to have range as a performer and as an artist. I get bored listening to the same type of music all the time, so why would I want to make the same type of music all the time, you feel me?

- So, you had a video for Company and it had some incredible choreography, and there's a really cool story about this. You shot this video with the choreographer Jojo Gomez. Can you tell us a bit of the background of how it came together?
DIY approach! I started seeing clips on instagram, it was one of these situations like "everyone tag Tinashe in this video!!!" which sometimes is super annoying but I started watching the clips and I was like "wait, these are really good!" like dinamic, really fun, and then I just started doing a little bit more of a research and I found it was this girl named Jojo and she's really talented and I was like "You know, we should just ask her to choreograph a video!". I think it'd be super fun to do something along these lines of the videos that she was putting out which were just dance studio videos, in the studio, choreography only. I was like "you know, let's just get back to the dance, just focus on the dance, let's just do a dance video top to bottom".

- I think what's so interesting about that is I've never heard of someone uploading fan videos on social media to an artist they love, choreography and then having that artist legit call them directly and say "I love your video, would choreograph my official music video?", so definitely kudos to you for doing that cause I feel like it's kind of the dream for a dancer/choreographer for that to happen.
Yeah, but I feel like it's also the new way with the internet and stuff. I find a few people that I've collaborated with and worked with on creative levels for like visual designer, even styling, choreography, make-up... there's a lot of talent online that you can discover and you just hit em up! (laughs).

Tinashe Partners with Pepsi, Talks 'Joyride' & Britney Spears

Tinashe will release a new song called "Stop Lights" for a campaign with Pepsi.
"I wrote the song in my room, I recorded the song in my room, so it's definitely a personal song to me. Hopefully it gives you that good vibe and that energy that we need to get through 2017 together! The studio version is very high energy, it's got tempo, it makes you wanna get on your feet and dance, and that's what I love about it for sure."

Tinashe to sing "America The Beautiful" at Wrestlemania!

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this was her best interview in a while, she actually tried to not let it be awkward omw
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