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Meet Rae Spoon - The Transgender Canadian Musician You Need In Your Life

Rae Spoon is a Canadian musician who makes awesome music and is an advocate for transgender rights. I feel like they don't get the recognition they deserve for their great music so here's a post!

I Hear Them Calling
The youtube description describes this music video as: "a response to the trend toward laws that regulate how people use bathrooms according to their assigned sex at birth. Twenty-three LGBTQ and ally youth participants made their own monster or beast costumes and filmed this music video in an accessible, all-gender bathroom to show that everything is better when it's inclusive".

Written Across The Sky

CHARTattack Interview with Rae Spoon from 2011 about being a trans musician and trans advocate (note: in the video Rae identifies as "he" but since then has chosen to identify as "they").

You can also read a Toronto Star interview with Rae Spoon about the use of gender pronouns here:

Rae has upcoming shows in Toronto, Brandon, and Winnipeg. You can check Rae's website for more information here: or follow Rae on twitter @raespoon

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