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Jacob Banks - Unholy War (Music Video)

This is Jacob's first single from the upcoming EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom. He's about to tour the US for the first time so please go out there and support if you can ❤️
From the interview:
- The Boy Who Cried Freedom is essentially me. I’ve been in a rough situation before with music and I wanted to separate myself from everything ... I did it all by myself and it was a sort of a war cry of me wanting to make music under the terms I wanted. The whole EP is a story of a boy (me) who ran away from something...
- I’m fucking with all of those old-age genres. Soul, for instance, is older than time so I always ask myself how ... can we make it sound like it was made in 2017 as opposed to before Jesus was born.
- So that’s [spoiler]John Mayer – I look up to him as far as writing songs and being a good musician. I look up to Bob Marley for always telling the truth, and Kanye West for always pushing the needle forward. I essentially try to do what Kanye West did for hip-hop for soul music – pushing the genre forward and asking questions of people.

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