ZodGory (zodgory) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Riverdale Post: Deleted Scenes, Leaked Episode 8 Clips and Light Spoilers

Riverdale may be on hiatus, but there's still a bunch of stuff out there! A deleted scene featuring Betty and Jughead. Supposedly we'll get some more deleted scenes before the show comes back in another two weeks

Also, a shit ton of leaked scenes from the next episode

Some spoilers (take with grain of salt)

-Pictured are the friends who will help Archie out after Fred's crew leaves the job (Kevin, Moose, Jughead, and some random dude)

- (episode 8) Mr. Cooper wanted Polly to get an abortion. Alice kicks him out, and Polly ends up moving back home.

- (episode 8) We'll find out that FP paid Joaquin to get close to Kevin in order to keep an eye on Sheriff Keller (who still doesn't have a first name)

-episode 9 will see the return of Ethel as well as a plot that involves Archie and Cheryl. I guess Betty and Polly will also butt heads

- (episode 10) Archie throws a house party for Jughead's birthday. The cake will be shaped like a hamburger

- (episode 10) One of the guys at the party will storm out of the house and through the backyard

Tags: leak, riverdale (cw), spoilers, television - cw, television promo / stills

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