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US Hockey Women's National Team to Boycott World Championships (Defending Gold Medalists)

On the 15th in a very coordinated effort Hockey USWNT postgraduate members tweeted out their decision to boycott their upcoming (March 31st) Hockey World Championships.

While many headlines focus on their plea for compensation they are equally concerned with having more games, having marketing for such games, tournaments, appearances and victory tours (they medal a lot), having a better / more robust development system for girls and equivalent support overall (insurance, equipment, etc)

Although the decision to boycott a tournament may seem hasty the USWNT has been after these changes for ~14 months / attained lawyers in February 2016.

After being met with such grandstanding / dismissiveness maybe it should not be a surprise that USA Hockey made a public ass of themselves and issued a statement that said that the US Women's Olympic Team stood to earn $85,000 over the Olympic cycle.

However what USA Hockey actually offers is $20,000 ($6,000 in the six months leading up to the Olympics where they are "in-residence" and up to $14,000 depending on a bronze, silver or gold medal) And that is once every four years.

The other ~$60,000 would come from the US Olympic Committee

Without responding to USWNT breakdown of the $85,000 USA Hockey began searching for an alternative team for the Worlds instead of resuming negotiations

Of course team USA came correct and had already informed the U-18 girls (and some parents) of their decision to boycott before the fact and stayed in contact with them on Thursday when USA Hockey attempted to field another team and gave the boycotting senior team a 5:00 pm deadline to make it known if they would be playing.

Current Resolution: None

Also the NWHL will be streaming its finals (tomorrow) and semi-finals (tonight) on the ABC app & (news) website

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