Beauty and the Beast Director Responds to Lindsay Lohan's Little Mermaid Pitch

Earlier this month Lindsay Lohan wrote the following message on instagram:

"I will sing again, as #ariel #thelittlemermaid. @disney approve that. #billcondon directs it along with my sister @alianamusic singing the theme song for the soundtrack. Also @kgrahamsfb plays Ursula. Simply because, she is the best. Take one. @disneystudios."

Bill Condon was asked about this and he gave the following response:

"It was sweet, it was very sweet of her. I hope she gets to make that movie. [Laughs.] I feel like I was so lucky in getting this crown jewel [The Beauty and the Beast], but I'll go see her in Little Mermaid, absolutely."


Would you cast Lindsay Lohan as the star of your 300 million dollar budget film, ONTD?