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Kesha: ‘I’m happiest when I’m present in my real life, not when in my online life'

· Kesha spoke up about her experiences with social media & trolls at Refinery29's cyberbullying panel at SXSW. She said she limits how many comments she reads on social media because while some may be positive, she tends to focus on the negative and as a result gives trolls & bullies power in her real life.
· Went on a safari to celebrate her 30th birthday earlier this month. Said she saw two lions having sex and saw that as a sign that this is gonna be her decade, lol.
· Opened up about her eating disorder. Earlier this month, National Eating Disorder Awareness released Kesha's PSA. She says her eating disorder almost killed her & that she was embarrassed to talk about it but wants to talk about it now to let people know they're not alone.

what I love most about being in recovery is that my BODY is MY BUSINESS and NO one else's. And I fucking love it. most days. ((some days I don't)) BUT THE BEAUTY is that my BODY does not determine my WORTH anymore. I'm a fuckin magic force to be reckoned with. period. thank you universe for my recovery today. if any of you out there are suffering, I hope you can hear me✨recovery is possible✨

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(Teen Vogue did a much better write-up - shocker - where she talks about Trump & how his bad behavior influences kids, what motivates people to bully, LGBT rights, benefits of social media, etc but I couldn't find an embed)
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