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It Ain't Over Yet: T-ara's NOT Breaking Up + Hwayoung Loses A Job!


If you watch K-dramas then you've probbly heard of the drama Age of Youth
Despite flopping, the show was renewed for a second season.
The entire cast were to come back with the renewal, but after it was revealed that Ryu Hwayoung ain't nothing but a dirty liar, her role in the show has been reduce to a two episode cameo appearance.
Why is Hwadog a liar (besides the obvious)? She was recently EXPOSED as mistreating staff during her time as a member of HIT C-pop group T-ara.
She called staff out of their name (iconically, Shampoo was her go to nickname for her hair stylists), and bullied and belitled some staff members so badly that they quit their jobs!
The staff that blew the lid on Shampoogate worked at upscale Seoul salon Jenny House, which is one of the most popular salons among Korean entertainers.

KKS strikes again!
Girl group T-ara ain't done yet, with record label MBK Entertainment recanting earlier reports that the group would break up.
Currently, the girls are renegotiating their contracts with MBK.
The only pitfall (besides staying on MBK) is that some of the girls are rumored to leave.
Regardless, T-ara isn't completely disappearing after their May comeback.

Ha! Suffer Hwadog
Sources: Check out Asian Junkie
Tags: asian celebrities, bye felicia, cpop / jpop / kpop, scandal

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