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Tavi Gevinson releases podcast, confirms she's advertising for her apartment building

Rookie (founded by Tavi Gevinson as a teen) is teaming up with MTV on a new podcast. You can listen to a preview here. Tavi says: "Each week, I’ll interview people we admire — including musicians, actors, and artists of all kinds — about what it means to be a person."

Tavi also confirmed she's advertising for her Brooklyn luxury apartment building on Instagram, as reported on ONTD last week.

- Rep for the building's spokesperson confirmed that Gevinson is partnering with the company to advertise the new building
- The rep would not comment on the exact terms of the deal, but he said that Gevinson is living in the building full-time, paying rent, and also being compensated
- Said that more partnerships with "creative influencers who are great fits for our residential buildings" will be announced in the future

sources: 1 2 3
Tags: celebrity endorsements, celebrity social media, internet celebrities, podcasts

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