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Dr. Drew praises Ben Affleck's rehab announcement!

Addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky spoke out about Ben Affleck's confession that he just wrapped a 2 week stint in rehab. Dr. Drew told Sirius XM host Jenny Hutt that Affleck's admission may help lots of people!

Dr. Drew said, “We don’t know what happened but he’s (Ben) talking about it matter of factly, God bless him! Just like if he said he went in and got his appendix out. That’s absolutely how people should approach this. It’s like “Hey, I’m getting care, I’m moving on, I’m going to make some movies..” or whatever it is! It’s just part of his medical management. And he had a crisis, a slip, a whatever, and he’s talking about it. Good for him! There’s no better way to reduce stigma and shame then to have medical treatment of addiction take its place along side of other medical treatment.”
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