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Parents & siblings of Olympic gymnast, Anastasia Grishina, threatened her life & stole all her money

  • Anastasia Grishina was on the silver medal winning 2012 Russian Olympic gymnastics team when she was 16. She is now 21.

  • She got around 100,000 rubles a month while competing for being part of the national team and got a car for winning an Olympic medal that she sold for 2 million rubles. In total, she had around 20 million rubles in her savings account (around 300k USD).

  • She got injured after 2012 and never returned to top form, but she did compete until 2015.

  • In 2016, she got married to her husband, Victor, and gave birth to a baby boy.

  • She wanted to come back after giving birth, but couldn't because she got into an argument with her mom over who would stay with the child.

  • Her mom, Galina, managed her money because she was a minor when she earned most of it. Galina used a lot of the money to buy real estate. Anastasia wanted to use an apartment for her new family. Galina gave her the worst of the real estate, an apartment that needed repairs, and only gave it to her on the condition that it was under Galina's name, claiming that if it wasn't, her husband could try to claim it for himself. Victor managed the apartment repairs.

  • At some point, Galina moved in with Anastasia's new family and they always got into fights. Galina made Anastasia and Victor sign a prenup, always counted how much they spent, wanted them to give her any money they made, and argued with them over who should take care of the baby.

  • Once Anastasia's youngest brother came by drunk with a knife while Anastasia and her baby were the only ones in the apartment and threatened to kill her.

  • Anastasia got fed up with her family and got in an argument with her mom this January. She and her husband left the apartment. Her mom changed all the locks.

  • Anastasia immediately checked her savings account, but large sums of money (50,000-100,000 rubles) were taken out at different times right after she got paid and there was more money taken than the amount real estate costs, which meant that her whole family was living off of her for years.

  • Since her mom changed the locks to her apartment, Anastasia and her family were left homeless for a while. Victor works and all his money goes to renting a place. Anastasia is looking for a job despite having an 8 month old baby.

  • Anastasia's mom, dad, and brothers used all her money and then kicked her out. In one of Anastasia's last texts with her mom, Galina said that she will take the money to her grave. Anastasia's dad has also threatened to kill her, if she doesn't shut up about what they did to her.

  • Anastasia came crying into a newspaper's office about her situation because she doesn't know what to do and knows her family never loved her, but needs money to find a place to live and take care of her son.

  • Anastasia and Victor are now in big debt because they had to take out a big loan so they could get lawyers to sue her family for stealing her money and making threats. She also wrote a statement to the police about the threats.

  • This is the first time anyone from Russian gymnastics is hearing about her situation. Coaches have noted that her mom was always around her and deciding how she trains.

Her family is evil. Stealing all her money, kicking her out, and then threatening to kill her. I hope the Russian Gymnastics Federation helps her or that someone can set up a gofundme and get the money directly in her hands to help pay for the lawyers and getting her a permanent living;</div>
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