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Michaela Coel praises the movie Get Out

Got in my uber and cried all the way home. This movie resonated with me too much. Too much. "I just need your eye"....And most won't even be able to break down what that means. Peele spoke to so many sections of society it was unreal. And everyone is going to see it, but will they actually be watching what is happening? Everyone will sit in the auditorium and hear Peele's magnificent words, but will they listen..? Will anyone clock that the first time we see the protagonist almost the entire track of #Redbone by @childishgambino plays? He is literally shouting as he sings "STAY WOKE, STAY WOKE, STAY WOKE".
Did you listen to that when you heard it? I guarantee most of those who need to probably didn't hear it. Peele. I commend this King. And to the Kings and Queens that hear him and go back to the drawing board. It's too deep . And hilarious and jumpy scary fun I know. Don't worry I'm fragile lol.
PS if you're going to tell me Peele being married to a non-black negates from this story - it just means you honestly truly literally and metaphorically did not get many layers of the movie- you just didn't get it. Sorry.
PS. If you're going to tell me "you're scared of white people?" You just need to exit from my gram page that's okay.
Ps. This movie was not about white people at all. It was not about white women or men. If you don't get it -✌

Being a dark-skinned single woman is amazing, hilarious, sensual, exciting and occasionally painful. 👩🏿👩🏾👵🏿👩🏾‍⚕️👩🏿‍⚕️👩🏿‍💻👩🏾‍💻👩🏿‍🏫👩🏿‍🍳👩🏿‍🍳👸🏿👸🏾💁🏿🙅🏿🙆🏿💇🏿💃🏿💆🏿💆🏾
@jordanpeele let me know I'm so fucking hot the sight of me is too much for the many men too weak and too far gone from the sun, to hold, eat, lick and love my beauty.
Our beauty. My beautiful darker than a paper bag bitches.
Eissssh, throbbing bars blad.
Get right about who you are in your head before you expect any sleeping hitter to help you. #getout had me in bed turned on by the sheer thought of how much, I, wanted. Me. So sleep tight. I know I will.
P.S Don't do that silly thing some love to do and find some offence to get some attention. I know it's enticing, just don't. You'll look dumb under this picture. Up I go x

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Tags: black celebrities, british celebrities

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