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Céline Dion and Zendaya (and others) on The Hollywood Reporter

  • Zendaya's and Céline Dion's stylist, Law Roach, posted this video from the new issue of Hollywood Reporter "Stylists and Stars" featuring celebrities and their stylists.

  • It includes: Michelle Williams and her stylist, Tom Hiddleston and his stylist, and Sarah Paulson, Ruth Negga, and their stylist

Céline, Zendaya and Law play "Fishing For Answers"

Breakfast Food?
Celine : Coffee and a croissant
Zendaya: Anything, even ice cream or pizza
Law: Drinks water

Audrey or Katharine Hepburn
Law: Katharine
Celine : Audrey, said that Rene met her in a jewelry store once and he was starstruck

Style icon?
Zendaya chose Law, he's been styling her since she was 14 so she doesn't know anyone else better
Law chose Celine because as soon as she's trying on something she can immediately tell what's wrong or good with it so he tries to be ahead of the game and catch what it is
Céline chose Zendaya because through her she met Law (Law and Zendaya tear up)

  • Here is Céline's new song for the live action Beauty and The Beast

SOURCES: Law Roach Instagram / YouTube / ZendayaMedia Twitter
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