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Jonna Lee (@ionnalee) speaks to AnOther Magazine about solo project + iamamiwhoami

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Swedish pop maverick Jonna Lee steps outside of the pioneering audiovisual world she spearheaded and helped create in the shape of the enigmatic audiovisual project iamamiwhoami, via a rawer, more upfront solo project lead by punchy lead single, SAMARITAN, and a visual alliance with COMME des GARÇONS.

On ionnalee + iamamiwhoami:
- An album is on the way, originally set to be released after iamamiwhoami's bounty.
- At first iamamiwhoami wasn't meant to be longterm as it was just an experiment for fun, yet it became so important she wanted to keep doing it. Queen.
- She wanted to see how she'd look and sound like as just Jonna. She's more concrete with her lyrics this time as she's personally responsible for the material.
- Having COMME des GARÇONS as a creative partner was a major push for her to make this. "we share creative values: they’re gender neutral, have artistic designs, and an alternative point of view."

On the inspiration for SAMARITAN’s narrative:
As a woman and as a girl, it was insane how I was treated because of my gender at times, and a lot of people experience that, so that’s part of it. And as an artist, any artist but especially a female artist, you are lifted up onto a pedestal, and we tend to adapt to that, dress to please that. So, I wanted to take the opportunity [to address this], to try to do something uncensored, because I can. I wondered why I hadn’t been more outspoken before. I’ve done it in more abstract ways, but never this concrete. I’ve also been struggling with motivation over the past few years, so it’s about that too: What’s in it for me sharing my work? Why am I putting myself in this position? What drives one to stand on stage and want to be uplifted and adored? So that’s another element I’m working around: my own insecurities.”

ionnalee; SAMARITAN is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Jonna's own label To whom it may concern.

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