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Overwatch Post: Orisa Release Date, Blizzard Officially Confirms Symmetra Theory, Binary Comic

After some testing in the PTR and a vague "end of the month" release date, Blizzard has finally revealed the release of Orisa to all platforms: 3/21/2017! For those who don't remember, Orisa is the newest tank and 24th hero to join Overwatch. Built from a decomminsioned OR15 Defense robot by child prodigy Efi, Orisa is charged with making the team's safety her primary concern.

Although she has referenced being on the spectrum in a comic, Jeff Kaplan officially confirmed Symmetra's status on the autistic spectrum after receiving a letter from a fan.

Symmetra's voice actress has tweeted her approval at this development in her character.

Blizzard has also released a new comic, BINARY.

ONTD, are you excited for Orisa? How did your comp placements go? Did you make it to wax paper rank or have you become Pokemon Master...I mean, Grandmaster?

 photo bcc385cdcd0ac9bb27fd5aed7949dfc881fba08812e9339560dd1bedf8466b9c_1.gif

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