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YouTube Gamer/"Comedian" JonTron Goes Full White Supremacist

You may remember JonTron (real name: Jon Jafari) from his brief time in Game Grumps, and then left suddenly in 2013 to do his own thing in New York. What was he doing, you may ask? Apparently reading up on statistics on Daily Stormer and Stormfront.

It all started after he decided to defend Steve King's comments the other day

Understandably, people were like "wtf" because surprise! Jon is the son of an Iranian immigrant

And he decided to go out with a bang:

But wait! There's more!

He decided to debate with OmniDestiny on his Twitch stream, and it got so much worse

because it's tl;dw, here are the main highlights:
- Foreigners dilute the gene pool
- Black crime in America is the same as in Africa
- Racial issues can be summed up via mixing different colors of paint
- Statistical data means nothing because Clinton lost the election
- Black Lives Matter is a violent organization
- the richest black man commits more crimes than the poorest white man
- Tribalism is a valid theory
- Immigrants are destroying every single country they are let into
- America is gonna become Mexico
- Racism is over
- Muslims are organizing to make it seem like Christians are protesting abortion clinics

source 1 | source 2

Tags: internet celebrities, race / racism, you in danger

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