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Inside the homes of "Big Little Lies"

You should be watching "Big Little Lies" for the phenomenal acting, directing and cinematography (and music). But if that isn't compelling enough for you, at least watch for the insane real estate porn.

Madeline and Ed Mackenzie’s House
Location: Malibu
Price: $14.8 million
-Right on the beach in Malibu
-Was mostly decorated using stuff from HomeGoods

Renata and Gordon Klein's House
Location: Malibu
Price: $12.4 million
-This house has been featured in lots of other movies/tv shows, most notably as Nolan's house on Revenge
-Is at the top of a hill to signify that ~Renata is on the top looking down at everyone~

Celeste and Perry Wright's House
Location: Carmel
Price: $6 million
-This house is a vacation rental that can be yours for $6-7,000/week
-The master bedroom, including open plan bathroom and museum/sex closet isn't actually in the house, and was completely built on a stage

Bonnie and Nathan Carlson's House
Location: Calabasas
Price: $2.6 million
-Despite being a "fucking fucked-up fuckshit father" Nathan owns his own landscaping business and Bonnie is all earthy so their house is very in touch with nature

Jane Chapman's House
Location: Pasadena
Price: $520,000
-This house costs more than FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS but is apparently so much of a dump they could only film exteriors there andn mostly chose it because the street has nice trees
-Jane sleeps on a sad pull-out couch but put all of her efforts into decorating her son's room

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ONTD, do you live in a dump?
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