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Eva Mendes For Shape Magazine, Finally Shows Up at a Ryan Gosling Movie Premiere

  • Eva Mendes has done one of those post-baby body photoshoots for Shape Magazine (Shape has the full article and more photos)

  • She explains why she doesn't walk the red carpet with longtime boyfriend Ryan Gosling, saying she would rather be with their daughters (and sounds over Hollywood, tbh). She is thoroughly enjoying supporting Ryan and being his rock behind the scenes.

  • Working out is her "alone time" since she and Ryan don't have a nanny for their two kids. She says she's looking forward to dinner becoming a "sit-down situation" again.

  • Her food weaknesses are Cadbury eggs, her mom's rice and beans and takeout, she's addicted to Postmates. She no longer keeps doughnuts in the house..

  • She wears a bit of minimal makeup every day, and uses coconut oil on her skin.

  • Her current work out is cardio and chasing after her daughters. She tries to work out three times a week, five times in the summer. She's finding it harder to lose the baby weight the second time around.

  • Eva is apparently the literal embodiment of that "my skin has cleared, my crops are growing, my hair is voluminous" meme, Shape noting she radiates happiness and her skin is glowing (a skin expert says in the print article that is a physical sign of happiness/contentment).

Instagram embedding isn't working

  • The super private Ryan Gosling attended the premiere of the critically questionable Song to Song in Austin, and the equally private Eva attended with him, sans kids. The catch? She didn't walk the red carpet.

  • Eva did post a pic of the venue on instagram with a heart emoji. People magazine also confirmed she was there (and that they were staying at the hotel next to the Paramount theater). So did W magazine. So did fans inside the venue. People noted Ryan seemed very upbeat. Ryan and Eva left for the airport right after his contractual promoting obligations were fulfilled.

  • As a result, certain Gosling fans who previously accused Eva of not supporting her man have taken to trying to discredit her photo (something about it being an old pic, the plants, her ear, whatever), spamming her instagram with abuse and Emma Stone comments (most were deleted by Eva/whoever is controlling the page) and screaming "pics or it didn't happen/PR/backlash/fake news" like this chick hasn't been able to hide a relationship and two pregnancies/kids before. Eva will probably never allude to her man on her instagram again.

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