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Lea Michele Has Been Busy and Dropped Two New Songs from Album 'Places'

"I'm really excited about this record, I've been working on it for about three years now, and I really took some time to think about what I wanted the sound for this album to sound like. The first one [album: Louder] was a little bit more on the pop side, and I wanted to go back and really sit and think about the music that I grew up listening to, and the women that I've been inspired by over the years; like Celine Dion, and Barbara Streisand, and Adele. And I wanted to create songs that were really just about being a vocalist. And when people say, "well, what do [the songs] sound like? And who do they sound like?" - they sound like me, and that's all I want."

In case you didn't notice, Lea Michele's single "Love is Alive" was released last week on March 3rd. And today, she revealed the cover of her new album, Places, along with the song 'Anything's Possible' [listen here on VEVO]

Full version of Love is Alive:

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this route suits her more imo
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