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Julia Louis-Dreyfus celebrates Northwestern's first NCAA Tournament bid

- Julia Louis-Dreyfus's son Charlie Hall, a sophomore walk-on who would like someone to block his shot and say "no soup for you!", plays for Northwestern, which got its first tournament bid Sunday night.

- She and Brad Hall were at the Big Ten Tournament in DC this past week to cheer on their son, who got playing time at the end of the game against Rutgers:

- She was also booed by Maryland fans, who were surely showing their moral opposition to Seinfeld reruns funding Duke alum Steve Bannon's acid jacuzzis, not fannish spite. This gave the 50% of sportswriters who went to Northwestern the opportunity to sarcastically deploy the word "classy," and gave Maryland fans something to regret when they subsequently got crushed basically at home.

- 8-seed Northwestern is facing 9-seed Vanderbilt in Salt Lake City on Thursday.

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