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Riverdale Ep. 8 Photos + Writer Addresses Asexual Jughead and Queerbaiting







Fred and his crew are about to start construction when he loses his crew probably thanks to Clifford and his hairpiece. Archie gets his friends to pitch in and help but after[Spoiler (click to open)]Mooseis attacked, they end up in Southside Serpent territory where they probably find out about FP. With Jughead’s secret revealed, he is worried about how his friends will react. Meanwhile, Veronica and Betty throw Polly a baby shower even though she's hesitant given how shitty both Penelope and Alice are.

David Katzenberg directed the episode, and it's written by Julia Cohen. Doesn't air until March 30.


Britta Lundin, one of the writers for Riverdale, was on an episode of a podcast called Fansplaining. It's a podcast about fandom in case you couldn't tell.

-Including Lundin and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, 5 of the 11 writers are gay. She's tried pitching multiple lesbian storylines even it's just for a "day player", but it remains to be seen if any of her suggestions made it on the show.

-Some of the writers came from Glee (none of them being RIB obviously) and some from Degrassi. This is Lundin's first time writing for a show.

-Has not checked out any fanfiction because she's legally not allowed to. It's a thing where a fan could accuse and sue the writer of stealing their idea if it's known that the writer possibly laid eyes on their story.

-On Jughead discourse: "I mean the Jughead situation’s interesting. Jughead has been a character that’s been around for 75 years [...] in the most recent run of the Jughead comics written by Chip Zdarsky [...] Jughead came out explicitly as asexual in those comics. That’s not to say that he’s necessarily asexual in every comic, although I guess fans are free to read him that way whenever they want to. He’s never really shown interest in women and he’s always loved hamburgers and you could definitely read that as asexual for 75 years. [...] I mean there’s just like a million different canons, right. [...] he’s like not explicitly anything in Riverdale right now. [...] I don’t know what the right answer here is, because I think the best thing to do is be truthful, and the truth is, it’s not addressed in Season 1. We don’t know if we’re getting a Season 2. If we do get a Season 2, they may address it, or they might not! And I don’t actually think they’ve decided yet. So... Yeah! I mean and that’s kinda the truth, like, I don’t wanna say that in a baity way of like “yeah you should keep watching and maybe we’ll do it!” But, if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t watch it and go read those comics where he is ace. That’s still there. It exists and you should absolutely embrace that. I don’t know, I honestly don’t know if Riverdale’s gonna make it canon or not. I don’t know."

On queerbaiting: "And I think that’s what queerbaiting is, is like, pretending like you’re gonna do it and then not actually...having zero intention of actually doing it. I don’t know if Riverdale’s pretending like we’re gonna do it. [...] OK, I’ll say this. First of all I don’t know what Roberto had in mind when he wrote [Veronica kissing Betty] because I wasn’t in the writer’s room then because there wasn’t a writer’s room. And I’m not psychic. But I can tell you what, I can guess, and I can guess what he meant by that scene and I believe what he meant was exactly what Cheryl said the very next line that came out of anyone’s mouth after the kiss, when Cheryl says something like “sorry ladies faux lesbian kissing hasn’t been in since 1999,” whatever she said. [...] So if I had to guess I guess Roberto meant this is not a gay thing, this is just something they’re doing to make a big splash and Cheryl immediately undercuts it. I think what he hoped was taking away everyone being like, that emoji face you just made. Everyone goes “oh, OK, I get it, it was just a joke.” I think maybe queer fans have a different reaction to that scene than straight fans, and they have a little…their reaction is a little like, oh my God. They—this might—oh my God! This might be everything I dreamed! And then either they just ignore Cheryl’s reaction or they think, well, the kiss was real and the reaction was fake, not the other way around.

Podcast source
Rest of the pictures at the other source
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