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Justin Bieber snubs his fans yet again and makes one of them cry after calling her sick

Justin still early on in his 2017 Purpose stadium tour was approached by a fan and her mother recently in Melbourne who asked for a photo with him.

In the video at the source, Justin tells the fan that she's invading his privacy and says she makes him sick.

The mother of the fan told the Herald Sun that her daughter "was bawling her eyes out" and that she was "dying to meet him and then he humiliated her." The fan is still going to try and meet him at the airport before he flies out of the city to his next tour stop.

The mother of the heartbroken fan also adds that during his Melbourne show Justin's "hands were in his pockets for the first five songs and it seemed like he didn’t want to be there."

The extension of Justin's Purpose tour ends September 6th!

I can understand that fans are annoying but his genuine hate for them is something else. I can't imagine a POC or a woman getting away with treating their fans continuously like shit the way he does. Which side are you on ONTD?

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