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Louis Tomlinson's Admits to Tripping Pap in Police Report, Eleanor Admits She Started the Fight...

-The police questioned all parties involved plus several bystanders and witnesses who saw the entire thing.

-Witnesses say that after Louis fell he grabbed the paps leg and pulled, which caused him to fall as well (this was just out of frame in that radaronline vid, apparently). When police asked Louis if he purposely tripped the pap, he said "...I may have taken him down, I'm not sure, but I remember we both fell to the ground." (nnn)

-Eleanor says that she saw a women trying to record Louis so she tried to "slap the phone" out of the woman's hand. When that didn't work she tried to "forcibly remove it from her" and that's when the fight began. (O_o)

-Ana Becerra Herrera (the woman who's listed as a victim in the report, btw) says she was still trying to get her phone back when Louis threw her to the ground and punched her.

-Louis says he only remembers pushing Herrera away from Eleanor but police did notice "fresh abrasions" on his knuckles. (yike!)

-2 of the witnesses (Starbucks employees) backed Herrera's story, saying that Eleanor "punched" Herrera first...while one witness backed Louis' account, saying that he only acted in defense of his girlfriend who was being attacked by Herrera at the time of his intervention.

-Herrara's wife was also a witness/caught up in the fray, but Eleanor said it was only Herrara who "punched and kicked" her. (hmm)

-Herrera and the pap were the ones who initiated the citizens arrest (lol)

-The entire fiasco was captured on American Airlines security cams but has not yet been reviewed for some odd reason.


welp, that explains why the women weren't arrested. do you think louis was still justified in (allegedly) punching this woman like most of his stans do? is it ever ok for a man to hit a woman, ontd?
Tags: british celebrities, fandom / stan culture, legal / lawsuit, one direction, one hit wonder

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