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Chimamanda Adichie Responds to Criticism

In response to the criticisms she has faced for her statement on trans women (see this post), Chimamanda posted this statement to her Facebook page:

"Of course trans women are part of feminism.
I do not believe that the experience of a trans woman is the same as that of a person born female. I do not believe that, say, a person who has lived in the world as a man for 30 years experiences gender in the same way as a person female since birth.
Gender matters because of socialization. And our socialization shapes how we occupy our space in the world.
To say this is not to exclude trans women from Feminism or to suggest that trans issues are not feminist issues or to diminish the violence they experience - a violence that is pure misogyny.
But simply to say that acknowledging differences and being supportive are not mutually exclusive. And that there is space in feminism for different experiences.

Tags: feminism / social issues, lgbtq / rights

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