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Reflecting on 20 years of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

-The writers took notice to fan feedback

-Was initially annoyed with constantly hearing about Buffy/Faith having a lesbian subtext until someone pointed out to him the said subtext in the show to which he agrees it was definitely there but not intentionally

-Thinks the show would be easy to sell today, even if it wasnt as good since there are certain shows (wont name names) that have made it big while being nothing special

-Is not a fan of the new binge watching era of television

-Was only supposed to be in 2 episodes

-She and Alyson were usually the first ones to the set since they filmed majority of their joint scenes in the morning. James Marsters also would usually be there early in the morning due to having to put on his Vamp face.

-Tara-centric episode was planned multiple times but always got pushed back. "Family" came about very last minute as a Tara centric episode. Amy Adams was very nice.

-Thinks Anyas breakdown over Joyce's death was one of the most real moments in the series. They had to work during their scheduled break but no one bitched about it due to how great the scene was.

-Liked the corset she wore initially in Once More With Feeling but hated it by the end since it was so tight.

-Didn't think that Tara's death would have such a huge impact on the fanbase but she understands why Tara had to die.

-Was supposed to show in S7 as The First but due to scheduling conflicts it didnt work out which she is happy for since she didnt want Tara portrayed in a bad light.

Band Candy though she would change some of the one jokes
The Harsh Day of Light

Gingerbread - would rewrite the entire thing
Doublemeat Palace - would rewrite the entire thing

-Joined the show in Season 7

-Wanted to move the characters into a more fashionable and sophisticated direction

-Recalls the writers telling him that they planned on Nikki (a past Slayer that Spike killed) back for an episode and they needed her outfit to be the same exact one they had in Season 5. Scoured through the warehouse looking for the outfit or something similar only to be told after he had found what he needed that they were recasting the character.

-The old team had not cataloged or stored the outfit

-Loved working with SMG

-Wasnt that excited that Xander retained anything from the first Halloween episode since Xander is suppose to be the normal one of the group.

-His audition went great

-He/SMG/AH were close in the beginning and eventually ripped apart towards the end of the show.

-He told Joss that he would be up for anything to make Xander look like an idiot but just had one request: don't give him bad breath

-Cried during reading The Zeppo

-Wasnt hired to sing or dance which ended up pissing people off by the time they shot Once More With Feeling

-Didn't fully appreciate the show back then and wishes he could tell his past self to get his head out of his ass

-Wasnt made aware that Xander would lose his eye until he read the script

Source S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7
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