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Buffy officially turns 20!

Hollywood report: Clueless meets Dracula with hip dialogue. They were impressed with SMG.

LA Times: Deliciously funny satirical gore. Was not a fan of the shows timeslot.

Variety: Clueless meets X-Files. Was not that amused by the pilot/2nd episode.

People Magazine: Gave the show a B+. Was impressed with SMG and AH. Called it "one of the brightest shows of the season"

NYTimes: Did not enjoy it but thought it was creepy to a degree

Gail Berman owed the rights to the movie and worked with Joss to adapt it to tv.

-Originally was attempting to bring it to syndicated tv due to low interest from the main networks

-Dolly Parton stepped in with her production company to help get it off the ground

-Originally pitched it to FOX who passed then to NBC and finally who TheWB who ordered a presentation instead of an actual pilot.

-Wanted SMG as Cordelia (Bianca Lawson also auditioned for the role). Once they saw SMGs 2nd audition for Buffy they knew the role was hers. Charisma Carpenter, Selma Blair, Katie Holms, Julie Benz, Mercedes McNab all auditioned for the role of Buffy Summers as well.

-There were disagreements about who should play Angel. She was pro David while there were another actor who was considered for the role. He is still actively working today so she will not name names.

-Did not think the show would become as big as it did

-James Marsters wanted Spike to be in love with Buffy but for Buffy to never reciprocate it. (SMG was 100% against Spuffy)

-David Fury was team Buffy/Angel

-Michelle Trachtenburg is team Buffy/Angel as a fan but team Spuffy from working with Marsters and SMG

-AHS is team neither

-Charisma is team Angel/Cordelia so Buffy can have Spike

-Brendon is team Buffy/Xander

SourceS2 S3 S4 S5
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May ONTD be full of Buffy posts today
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