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SVU: Ripped from the Headlines, but with a Trumped Up Twist!

The Good Fight, the CBS All Access show, will be ripped from the headlines this Sunday. And, for the first time ever, Law & Order: SVU will be the subject of those headlines. Remember how SVU did a Trump episode, and they released a promo for it? And then they rescheduled it? And then they rescheduled it again? And then they shelved it permanently?

Well, the writers for The Good Fight thought that was hilarious, so they wrote an entire episode about it. In their fictional version of events, the Faux SVU writer gets sued by Faux NBC for leaking the Trump episode online (like we all hoped the real SVU writers would).

In a further twist, Gary Cole (who played Faux Trump in the unaired SVU episode) will be guest starring in this SVU-themed episode of The Good Fight (as Diane's husband, of course). Also, the SVU episode was called "Unstoppable", while (according to imdb) this episode of The Good Fight will be called "Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate". lmaooooo

Lastly, an ONTD PSA:

Remember how I posted that promo about Barba's secret? For the episode airing on March 22? Well, you can forget it. The Barba episode will be delayed for a week (airing on March 29) and we'll get a different episode on the 22nd, instead. Click to see the new promo.

New Promo:

Ice-T's interview:

In the SVU Trump episode (which Ice-T thinks is shitty and should never air), there are multiple women who accuse "Trump" for sexual assault. In the end, it is revealed that he is totally innocent, and Benson and the squad apologize to him. Turns out, his campaign advisor and best friend (so, like, Kellyanne?) was behind the whole thing. She arranged for all these women to lie, in order to torpedo the presidential campaign. Because "Trump" was bad for America, and false rape accusations were the only way to prevent him from being elected. (on what planet? Because on Earth no one gives a shit, clearly)

This messy post was brought to you by the clusterfuck that is Season 18 of SVU.

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WTF, I have no words for those Trump spoilers
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