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Jim Broadbent reveals season 7 GOT role; Mets' Noah Syndergaard appearing as an extra

- Screencrush asked him outright about his character and he told them I’m a maester, an archmaester. I’m an old professor character," keeping with the tradition of older actors not caring about secrecy. He'll be in five of the seven episodes, a "major scene" in each one, with Sam, and filmed all his episodes on set in Belfast.

- This basically confirms everyone's suspicions that he'll be playing Marwyn the Mage, or a Marwyn-like character, and will get another Slug Club going. He also said he isn't involved in any CGI scenes, so he might not leave to meet Dany until his last episode [but the way he just threw that in makes me suspicious].

-Jon Snow stan and Mets' pitcher Noah Syndergaard filmed a scene as an extra in Spain back in November. Thor, who had to call his mom in shock after being spoiled for the season 5 finale, is a fan and wants to get more people interested in baseball, and figures tv appearances can't hurt. He would like to do an appearance on SNL at some point.

- The MLB is also doing a GOT crosspromotion this summer. They'll be "featuring commemorative collectibles, ticket packages, giveaways, special co-branded merchandise, social media events and a lot more," but no dates or specifics have been confirmed. (This makes me think the show will come back after the all star break, but before September.) 19 teams' participation has been announced: the D-backs, Red Sox, Reds, White Sox, Astros, Dodgers, Royals, Marlins, Brewers, Twins, Athletics, Phillies, Pirates, Mariners, Giants, Cardinals, Rangers, Rays and Nats.

- They want to attract more attention to the sport and make it seem cool to the youths.

- This will do nothing to alleviate criticisms about games that never fucking end.

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