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The Last Kingdom | Series 2 | Full Trailer

King Alfred’s (David Dawson) conviction to unite the separate kingdoms of England is stronger than ever and he sets his sights on the wild lands of the north. Elsewhere Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) while crossing paths with Father Beocca in Eoferwic, finds himself embroiled in a rescue mission and is brought face to face with an enemy of old. As the team enter into dangerous territory, will the exchange of ransom go to plan?

"The Last Kingdom" season 2 will feature new characters. Joining the cast next season are Millie Brady, Peter McDonald and Thure Lindhardt.

- Uhtred's journey continues on Thursday 16th March on BBC Two (UK).
- Netflix is the co-producer for the new season and will stream the show this March in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Japan, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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