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Cordelia Foxx

Filming for part two of 'IT' to begin later this month

While the remake of Stephen King's IT won't be releasing until this fall production for part two is set to begin later this month.

For those of you that abandoned the project after Cary Fukunaga stepped down here's a brief update. Part One is only telling the story of The Losers' Club. The adult counterparts of the characters are not going to appear in this film at all. Part One remains a period piece, however, it now takes place in the 1980s instead of the 1950s since Part Two will be taking place in modern day.

While no casting information has been officially revealed as far as who will be playing the adult versions of The Losers' Club filming is allegedly set to begin as early as March 17 in and around the Toronto area. The production is allegedly shooting under the the fake name Accordion.

The producers have supposedly gained confidence in the project after reception from early screenings of Part One went well. Stephen King even sat in on a screening and gave it his seal of approval.

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While the adult portion is the weaker part of the story I'm curious to see who they cast. I hope this is still filming next time I'm in Toronto.
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