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The O.A.'s Brit Marling Covers Interview Magazine

  • Is interviewed by journalist Malcom Gladwell.

  • Brit says that she and Zal Batmanglij (her co-writer and director on the series and the movies 'Sound of My Voice' & 'The East') are the kind of people that start to act out stuff while discussing projects when they're out for dinner and stuff like that.

  • Everyday of the making of 'The O.A.' was terryfing cause if one thing didn't go right then everything would fall apart. For example, what if they didn't find the right BBA in Phillys Smith and conviced her to move to New York with her 4 cats, 2 turtles, and her mother?

  • Makes a lot of ~deepcomparisons about the making of films and series with archeology and stuff.

  • She claims to compartmentalize in order to be a writer, director, and actress.

  • Likes to make art the best when it's a shared experience so she couldn't be a novelist, for example, because that seems like a lonely endeavor.

  • Needs to believe in fantasy and speculative science fiction in order to not feel scared and alone. Thinks that sci-fi is the best way to talk about the present in a digestible way.

  • Stans Ursula K. Le Guin and Clarice Lispector.


Do you believe in fantasy and speculative sci-fi, ONTD? How many cats and turtles do you own? What writers you stan for? TYFYA!
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