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Little Mix talk about Louis Tomlinson's arrest

  • Perrie said that Louis is a really nice guy and all he was doing was protecting his girlfriend like any guy would do.

  • She was followed once by three cars to her house, and when she called the police their excuse was that, because she's a celebrity, they're allowed to follow her to her door, even though she doesn't want to be followed home by weird men.

  • Jade said that they like interacting with fans and they try to treat them like their friends.

  • Jesy thinks that it's easier to be in a group because there's always somebody there supporting you, and as a solo artist it's a lot scarier because if someone is invading your privacy you've got to try to protect yourself.

  • Perrie said that they don't like reading articles about themselves.

  • Jesy said that they write their music to make people feel positive and better about themselves, and if they write a song and it only touches one person and saves their life, that is the most incredible thing ever.

  • They're going to start working on their fifth album in September and October, which is when they will have some time off because they're going to be touring most of the year.

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    ONTD, how do you feel about paparazzi? I honestly feel that their work isn't necessary.
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